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My partner and I worked as insurance claims adjusters for many years, attended numerous training sessions and managed claims for major insurance companies.  However, we noticed a consistent issue among claims adjusters, they were unable to manage a customer’s loss experience and by failing to satisfy policyholders, adjusters undermine their importance to the viability of an insurance company.  This shortcoming is a result of improper training. This is why we started TPAS in 2011.

A great claim handling experience is only as good as the adjuster managing the file. A properly trained adjuster should be able to clarify how the claims process works, provide great customer service, explain loss settlements and be able to read a policy to ensure appropriate coverage. We use our extensive experience to teach our know-how and expertise to students in our insurance claims management training courses, well-beyond a standard training class.

 Charleen L. Hoskins

Chief Executive Officer

Why Choose Us?

Our instructors have over 30 years of experience as claims adjusters and are experts in the field. In a professional capacity, they have managed claims from the initial contact to close while serving in multiple roles such as, as file examiners, team leads, trainers and field managers. Our adjusting experience includes claims for dwelling, contents, mitigation, remediation and ALE.  

Simply put, the best way to learn about insurance claims adjusting is from those who have done it to the approval of their clients. 

Educational Development

We are not limited to providing adjuster pre-licensing services.

We offer continuing education courses for adjusters to enhance their existing skills. In addition, we can create a customized curriculum to service our client’s individual staffing needs. Our a la carte training can be built to suit. 

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Phone: (877) 466-6698  Email: info@propertyadjustmentspecialists.com
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